Why Is Hot Air Ballooning In Dubai Considered To Be A Highly Sensory Experience?

Why Is Hot Air Ballooning In Dubai Considered To Be A Highly Sensory Experience?

February 15, 2023


As a child, every one of us has tried to imagine what it would feel like to fly like a bird, freely, with no care in the world. This dream has been unattainable for most. However, taking flight in a hot air balloon offers you a true sensation of floating through the skies and experiencing serenity that will allow you to dream with your eyes wide open. 

Here’s how hot air ballooning in Dubai activate each and every one of your senses:


Once on board the hot air balloon basket, your balloon pilot will begin firing up the burners. You will notice that the flames from the burner will gently warm up your skin.


You’ll probably brace for an abrupt, jolting takeoff when you lift off. Surprisingly, this doesn’t happen. Once the hot air balloon is filled with hot air, the basket is most of the time lifted slowly from the ground. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how gentle the floating sensation of being in the balloon is.


This initial feeling is very surreal. You may feel like you’re in some kind of a dream, smoothly floating over the majestic desert dunes that tell a story as the sunlight glistens over them. The sense of wonder rejuvenates your heart and mind with new inspirations and appreciation for the world around you. From a new perspective, you learn a new story about the desert you never knew before.


As your balloon rises to 4000ft, you will notice the chirping of birds and other morning noises slowly fading away to a complete and blissful silence. Then, all you can hear is your hot air balloon pilot and other balloons around you, firing up the burners occasionally. You will feel a serene sense of peace.


In a world where everyone is constantly rushing from one thing to another, we may find ourselves in a weary perpetual loop, hard to drown the noise of the clamouring world. Gently floating 4000 feet above the mesmerizing Arabian desert has the opposite effect. A morning spent admiring the beautiful sunrise over the Hajar mountains amidst the clouds offers a way to find silence, clarity, and inspiration. Leave behind the busy world and immerse yourself in a magical and out-of-the-world experience.


Unlike aeroplanes and other forms of aviation, hot air ballooning offers a 360-degree, birds-eye view of the skies above and the desert dunes below. As the basket descends lower, it almost feels like you’re riding a magic carpet. You get closer to the stunning native wildlife, such as the Arabian Oryx and gazelle galloping across, leaving prints of sand textures in the serene desert landscape.

Many people describe flying in a hot air ballo­on over the Dubai Desert as one of the most serene and highly sensory activities that they have ever experienced. From taking in the beautiful views that the Dubai Desert has to offer to the adrenaline rush of being up in the air to gently gliding through the clouds in a brightly coloured balloon, hot air ballooning is truly a treat to the senses!

Summer Update

After a fun and successful season, we are pausing our flights for the summer. Our sunrise hot air balloon flights will resume again on 1st October 2024.
Bookings are already available for the new season. We look forward to welcoming you on an unforgettable experience after the summer!

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