Best Place To Celebrate A Birthday In Dubai - Sunrise Hot Air Balloon

Best Place To Celebrate A Birthday In Dubai - Sunrise Hot Air Balloon

March 22, 2022


When it comes to choosing the best place to celebrate a birthday in Dubai, people often take the easy route and go with an ordinary choice like a bottomless brunch or 3-course dinner.

Although a good meal in a vibey atmosphere can definitely be a pleasant way to celebrate a birthday in Dubai, why not be different and do something you probably haven't before!?

Rather than settle and spend your birthday celebration at another brunch, we urge you to get out of your comfort zone, and go on an extraordinary adventure. In a city filled with the biggest, tallest, and fastest, we think the best way to celebrate a birthday in Dubai is to have a once-in-a-lifetime-experience. At Balloon Adventures Dubai, you get just that.

Whether you book directly online, or surprise a special someone with a gift voucher, we make it easy to have a memorable birthday celebration in Dubai. Instead of spending money on a gift that may eventually get lost or broken, you can give someone a memory that will last a lifetime.

A hot air balloon flight is an exciting adventure by itself, but we take a step further to ensure that the experience is unlike any other.

We offer hot air balloon flights with an in-flight falcon show. Shortly after take-off, our world-class falconer conducts a “simulated hunt” with one of our professionally trained falcons. As the falcon glides around the basket, guests have the opportunity to get close to the United Arab Emirates’ national bird, as well as learn about its significance in Dubai.


Our flights take off just before sunrise, allowing you to slowly rise above the desert as the sun peaks its rays over the mountains and begins to illuminate the rolling sand dunes of the Dubai desert. Anyone who has lived in or visited Dubai knows that it’s abundant with stunning views of beaches and high-rises, but none of those views quite compare to the unique view you get from floating peacefully over the desert as the sun rises.

After landing, we escort our guests to a traditional desert camp in fully restored 1950s Land Rovers, where you get to enjoy a gourmet breakfast spread consisting of eggs benedict, freshly baked goods, cheeses, smoked salmon, and more. After spending some time relaxing on the traditional majlis and reflecting on the morning adventure, we drive guests back to the city just as the rest of the world is beginning to wake up.

At Balloon Adventures Dubai, one of our core beliefs is that material things come and go, but memories last a lifetime. We believe that birthdays are meant to be unique and memorable, not just another tally mark on the calendar. Every birthday celebration marks a year full of experiences, and it should be treated as the special occasion that it is.

So, when it comes to finding the best place to celebrate a birthday in Dubai, we invite you to go beyond the norm, and have a once in a lifetime adventure that will stick with you forever.

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