World Renowned Safety Measures

At the forefront of our safe hot air balloon rides are our highly trained and experienced balloon pilots. Like any other vessel in aviation, hot air balloons are licensed, regulated aircrafts. Pilots must have substantial training and be highly competent to operate a balloon. Learning to fly a hot air balloon is no different from learning to fly a helicopter or an airplane. Pilots are required to spend many hours flying and taking exams to ensure that they’re professionally qualified to fly a balloon.

With our experienced and confident pilots, you will always feel in very safe hands!


Did you know that aviation is the safest form of travel and hot air ballooning is the safest form of aviation.



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Our Longstanding Experience

As the longest operating hot air balloon company in Dubai, no other company compares to our level of knowledge, expertise and experience with ballooning in the UAE. In 2005 we chartered the Dubai desert and since then we have flown more than 120,000 passengers.

Skilled Pilots

We have a team of Hot Air Balloon pilots from around the world with a collective experience of over 120 years of flying Hot Air Balloons. Our pilots were trained in Australia and Europe and have flown Hot Air Balloons on every continent.


Our regular maintenance before and after every hot air balloon ride ensure that our equipment maintains its high quality. We are licensed by the General Civil Aviation Authority (Air Operator’s Certificate AT-0024) and all our balloons undergo a strict maintenance programme including regular inspections.


Before every Hot Air Balloon ride, the pilots conduct a safety briefing with all passengers. The pilot will explain how to get in and out the balloon basket, the landing position and other guidelines.


The team from Balloon Adventures contributed to the design and manufacturing of the safety belts passengers are now required to wear during landing. Balloon Adventures Dubai became the first balloon company in the world to install passenger safety belts in all of their balloons. Many Hot Air Balloon companies (unfortunately not all), followed in these footsteps since.


We are one of the few ballooning companies in the world with our own weather stations which allows us to track any weather changes in real-time. This helps us to ensure safe weather conditions at all times.


Our highly trained team of ground staff assist with applying our safety procedures from the time of setting up the balloon, during take-off, flight and landing.


In light of the pandemic we have further enhanced our health and safety measures with industry leading technology and the introduction of transparent screen protector shields. Find out more below.


The safety and well being of our guests and staff has always been our priority and as a responsible tourism company, industry leading health and safety standards are our core. In light of COVID-19, we at the Hero Experiences Group (Balloon Adventures Dubai, Platinum Heritage and HERO OdySea), have taken the opportunity to further enhance health and safety standards while maintaining the premium quality of our experiences.

Our Hot Air Balloon, Desert Safaris and Self-drive Boat tour companies are the first worldwide of their kind to have secured the SafeGuardTM Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label by the prestigious Bureau Veritas. Since 1828 Bureau Veritas is the independent global leader in inspecting and certifying companies’ quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

Our robust protocols are also approved by the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Safe Travels global regulations which ensure safe and secure experiences for travellers. These protocols take into account current WHO and CDC guidelines and will be updated as new information becomes available about COVID-19.

Our health and safety guidelines also exceed all of the UAE government’s regulations and the tourism guidelines established by the Dubai Municipality Health and Safety (DMHS), Dubai Tourism (DTCM), General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA).


Hero Experiences Group COVID-19 Protocols

Find out more details about all of our health and safety protocols here

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 We are so excited to be flying again. Due to the unprecedented nature of these current times, cancellations up to 18 hours prior to the experience will receive a 100% refund with no fee.

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