Hot Air Ballooning in Dubai offers spectacular views of the vast desert landscape. Balloon Adventures is the only Hot Air Balloon company in Dubai that is permitted to land in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, which is the largest National Park in the UAE. While other balloon companies need to avoid this pristine protected area of the Dubai desert, this is our most common flight path and guarantees a beautifully scenic Hot Air Balloon ride where you are able to spot a lot of wildlife.

All of our Hot Air Balloon pilots have been professionally trained by a Conservationist and are well versed with facts about Dubai’s natural habitat, native wildlife and cultural heritage. As you fly over the Dubai desert your Hot Air Balloon pilot will share a few stories about Dubai to provide you with some entertaining insights about the landscape.

Fly over remote parts of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and spot roaming Arabian oryx and gazelles from up above. This unique perspective of the desert wildlife allows you to admire its beauty from the sky without impacting the natural habitat. During your Hot Air Balloon ride, you may also fly over local camel farms, traditional Bedouin camps in the desert and wandering camels.