Ultimate Marriage Proposal

Warning: things are about to get mushy!

Are you looking to pop ‘the question’? We think Hot Air Balloons are the most romantic thing to do in Dubai and possibly the best place to propose to your loved one!

Watching the red Arabian sun rise in the early morning over the calm desert and endless dunes is spectacular to start with, but having a special moment with your loved one is guaranteed to make them giddy with love.

If your heart desires an intimate and private moment, we have smaller Hot Air Balloons so you can be alone with your loved one for the ultimate morning.

Or join our regular hot air balloon flights with that special surprise for your loved one. We have many ways to make it special and unique!

We have a 100% ‘Yes’ success rate so far!

With your heads already in the clouds, what could be more perfect?

Please call us on +971 4 440 9827 or email [email protected] to let us know you are ready to organise the perfect proposal!