Hot Air Balloons at World Expos

Dubai 2020 World Expo Hot Air Ballooning

Will Hot Air Balloons feature as a main attraction at the Dubai 2020 World Expo? Many people don’t realise that hot air ballooning is considered a form of aviation. The innovative history of this form of aviation, hot air ballooning dates back to the 1800’s. One of the most significant milestones for hot air ballooning occurred in 1878 – the year Paris hosted the seventh World Expo.

The Paris World Expo unveiled new technologies to over 16 million visitors like Thomas Edison’s first ever gramophone, electric street lights, the malling-hansen typewriter, and the one which excites us the most, the first passenger-carrying hot air balloon! In 1852, French inventor Henri Giffard built the first steam balloon, called ‘dirigible’ which comes from the French word diriger, meaning “to direct or to steer.” After a few attempts Giffard was able to build the first successful flying balloon. During the 1878 World Expo, the balloon lifted people 600 metres above Paris. To put this into perspective, our hot air balloons reach approximately 4,000ft (1,219 metres) when they fly over the Dubai desert.

Since then, hot air balloons have evolved and nowadays you can experience the adventure of flying in a hot air balloon in many places around the world – although nowhere quite compares to flying over the desert. Our fleet of hot air balloons are some of the largest in the world with a total height of 36,2 metres. Next year Dubai will host the 2020 World Expo, the first World Expo to take place in the Middle East, Africa or South Asia. It will be a festival of human ingenuity and will explore what is possible when new ideas and people connect.

What do you think will be the main attractions in the 2020 World Expo?

Important Milestones for Hot Air Ballooning in Dubai:

Balloon Adventures chartered the Dubai desert and became the fist hot air balloon company in Dubai.

Balloon Adventures invented a world-first phenomenon: flying with falcons!

Our fleet of hot air balloons grows to six of the largest balloons in the world.

The UAE’s first female Hot Air Balloon pilot trains with the Balloon Adventures pilots.
The first ever Dubai branded balloon takes flight.

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